Project Description

Agile Development Group

  • Country: Cambodia
  • Focus Area: Agriculture
  • Year Founded: 201 4(business just starting)

About us:

Testing a service called “Mekong farm.” The organization buy skinny caws and give it to the farmers. The farmers feed them for 3-4 month. When the cow grows up, the organization sells the cow and the profit foes to training to the farmers. Farmers also gets commission for raising the cow. The organization has been working with farmers on use of fertilizer. diversity cropping and financial literacy. The organization also helps farmers access the market. They don’t want farmers to leave the country and leave the land unattended because of the hardship of their work or lack of profit. The organization has been training farmers for two years trying to give out such trainings and raising of cows from mother to baby but realized that it takes too much time for it to make cash income. Also developing an application to inform farmers of the better market (pricing) at given time.