Project Description

Akhaya Jewelery

  • Country: Myanmar
  • Focus Area: Handicrafts
  • Year Founded: 2008

About us:

Akhaya is a local women’s organization set up by a Myanmar mother of two to promote women’s empowerment and child development in Myanmar. The income generating initiative producing Akhaya jewelery products supports the activities of Women’s groups. All profits from the sale of Akhaya jewelery go directly to the projects and allow for the expansion of the organization. The groups have been in operation since 2008 and provide an opportunity for woman to discuss issues about their lives including child care and motherhood. Currently there are 5 groups in operation and woman are encouraged to take on leadership roles. Funds from the sale of Akhaya jewelery support transport and child care costs so that the woman can attend the groups. Each piece of Akhaya jewelery is an original design which is made up in 925 silver with settings of semi precious stones including spinal and period. In February 2012 the organization launched the “Whistle for Help” campaign which provides a means for woman to alert those around them if they are being harassed by blowing on a decorative whistle. Whistles are on sale and those purchasing are encouraged to gift a second whistle to a Myanmar woman. (Separate Website not available: