Project Description

Entrepreneurship Development Network Asia (Myanmar) Co.,Ltd.

  • Country: Myanmar
  • Focus Area: Education and Enterprise Development
  • Year Founded: 2014

About us:

Entrepreneurship Development Network Asia or EDNA (Myanmar) is a social enterprise supporting and driving sustainable growth through entrepreneurship. Founded in 2014, EDNA Myanmar has launched two projects: 1. Grass-roots Entrepreneurship Education & Pro-poor Enterprise Development: provides 9, 000 grassroots entrepreneurs across Myanmar with 10 months of business training, mentoring and networking 2. Genesis Startup Program: Launched the first international youth entrepreneurship program in Myanmar in collaboration with the National Management College, Yangon University and The University of Sydney. EDNA Myanmar is also developing further programs to support entrepreneurs, including research initiatives and project collaborations with the Myanmar Ministry of Commerce, The University of Sydney, Yangon University of Economics and other leading universities in the region through the EDNA network. (