Project Description

Hla Day

  • Country: Myanmar
  • Focus Area: Handcraft/Retail/Fashion
  • Year Founded: 2016

About us:

Works with 30 different artisanal groups(each 1-30 people), co-design products with the producers. 70% of the producers are women may are single mothers, or with some disability. Use upcycle (recycle) products. Hila has a retail shop that just opened in downtown Yangon in 2015. The organization is young but the starting members have 4years of experience running retail shops in Yangon( one was a former staff of Pomela). Founder is German, and there are staff members from Spain Germany, Japan and Myanmar. The initial money was fully donated by one German who’s is a friend of one of the founders. They try not to limit themselves in retail. Hla Day(means beautiful in Burmese) . They try to support local artist by producing artisan’s tool kit, a combination of maps that introduce local attraction to tourist highlighting local small business, restaurants, shops, etc. The maps are also designed by Burmese artists. Have invited instragramers to use the maps and promote the local spots in the city. The founders were running Pomela but pushed out of management, as they considered registering it as foreign company, so they are starting new as Hla Day. Got their initial funding from German friend and also crowdfunding.