Project Description

Human Heart Nature

  • Country: Philippines
  • Focus Area: Health & Beauty
  • Year Founded: 2008

About us:

Human Nature is a social enterprise. Rather than trying to maximize profits like most businesses, we aim to optimize them, considering what is best for our country and our people, especially the poor, in all our decisions. ♥ PRO-PHILIPPINES. When formulating new products, we only use ingredients which can be grown here in the Philippines. Thankfully, the most powerful and effective natural ingredients in the world are here! Even our packaging is made in the Philippines, though it’s cheaper to source overseas. The Philippines, our beloved queen, is our home and needs our support. ♥ PRO-POOR. As long as our farmers only grow rice, they will always be poor. Through partnerships with Gawad Kalinga and others, we develop world-class organic farms and other enterprises, which multiply the income of our people. ♥ PRO-ENVIRONMENT. Our natural and organic products are free from harmful chemicals that may seep back to our soil and water. By using natural products, you not only preserve your health but are protecting nature as well.